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A Service of Anderfans and even the occasional credited resource.

Friday, December 6...Launch?...Hopefully, by the end of the day everyone will be aware of this page on the site. Tripod has been dealing bandwitdh probs, so it was difficult to tell exactly the site would able to be viewed by all.

In lister news, we hit the magical 500 for members! Wow.

Saturday, November 30...Too sexy for the shelf...I hope you all went out and turned to page 102 of People Magazine and placed it back on the supermarket shelf for all to see. Although you may continue to do so, I think there's a new issue of People out now, so who knows whats on page 102.

Over the past few days, a few Anderfans over on GunmetalGrey have asked why they are referred to as Anderfans in last week's People article. Good question. For the answer, I went to the original list-owner of GG, Jess, who said (basically) that it just sort of came into use amongst her and the other original members back in the day when GG was an actual mailing in US Postal Service. Thanks Jess! She is still an active member of the list, and is responsible for creating this this very grey website.

BTW, the title AnderNews isn't jumping on the bandwagon. Honest.

In other list news, we hit the century mark for messages in a 1 month span for the first time since July. Also, we are only 2 members away from reaching the magical 500 member mark, at which point nothing will happen, but it will look cool. Keep posting, you guys are rarely boring. Take it from me, I read most of your posts before you do.

Friday, November 15...It's a boy... Obviously slow today since this isn't posted for 2 weeks.

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This page was created on November 15, 2002.