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Here it is...the long-awaited re-vamped Anderson Cooper Fan Club homepage. For four years now, this site has been honoring the journalistic talents of ABC News correspondent Anderson Cooper. You may remember him from his Channel One days, you may have discovered him on World News Now while channel-surfing in a fit of insomnia, or you may have heard of his new gig on The Mole. Regardless of how you know him, we're glad you appreciate him too, and this site was created to bring together Cooper fans from across the globe.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not Anderson. I don't even know him personally. He is nice enough to not complain about the site, but that's about the extent of my connection to him. I am just like the rest of you- a lowly admirer of his talents and charm. So don't email me wanting to know how to contact him or any kind of icky personal details about him. Thank you.


  • What's new at the site
  • Biography - An unofficial account of the life and work of Anderson.
  • The Anderson Cooper Frequently Asked Questions List - Anything else you might want to know about him.
  • The Anderson Photo and Multimedia Gallery - Yummy photos of Anderson in action!
  • Gunmetal Grey - The only mailing list devoted exclusively to Anderson!
  • Anderson-related links

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    This page was last revised on July 25, 2000.